Chicken ancho chili

Figured I’d try the chili mix I made for the beef (see previous post) with chicken to see which worked better. I added more chili to the chicken this time around….

It was superb! Just as good as the beef, just depends on your preference. Give it a try!!

#ultimatemexicanfood ancho beef tacos!

So excited that my stash from the Mexican fireworks online store has arrived!


Amongst the goodies I meet Ancho chilis for the first time. They are dark and smell strong


I chop them up which is no easy feat. They are tough! I make a spice mix with the dried chopped chilis, s&p, cinnamon, some cloves and 5 spice mix.


I coat the cubed meat in the spice meat, and it cooks up awesomely.

The soft taco is superb with last week’s chili, some coriander, lettuce, lime juice & a smash of goats cheese. A great light lunch!
I’m going to get used to these 😜


#ultimatemexicanfood – chipotle soup

I was impressed my local deli had chipotle chiles! It wasn’t a paste or dried chili as the recipe implied but I figured it would do. Such a strong smoky smell and flavour! Very distinct.

Oh and this is the soup (above from delicious mag Aug 2014) I’m attempting to make…
Ooooooh look at those smoky chilis!!

I was pleasantly surprised the recipe called for baked kumera/pumpkin and roasted tomato. I love any excuse to roast some veges and work cooked tomato into a meal as it is so good for you!

Time to add them to the beans from the previous post and simmer for 30 mins more.

I’m using this fixture to my hand whizzer for the first time. It works a treat!
The soup is pretty thick but delicious! A few corn chips will fix that! Oh and some corn salsa I made and sour cream….

I’d have to call this a success on some level, even though it isn’t quite what I thought it would be…sometimes that’s better! 🙂 Yum!! And I have leftovers!!

#ultimatemexicanfood – DrJ’s 2015 food adventure! Join the challenge!

This year I want to work towards cooking the best Mexican food that I can. I LOVE (yes, that much!) original Mexican food in general, and all things beans / frijoles but I have not yet been able to cook them well. I got excited recently to find tin black beans in the supermarket, which are good, but not great. I’m sure I can do better with dry fresh beans so this is my challenge for this year…join me and we can document our journey on the #ultimatemexicanfood hashtag.

My first task – soak those black beans that have been sitting in the cupboard forever and make some soup from a recipe in a recent issue of delicious magazine. It is a rainy summers day so this will be perfect.

I’ve also been searching for ideas on how to make good chilli and came across this which is a great great discussion about whether you need to pre-soak beans or not. I always thought you needed to soak first, but now I’m not convinced. Maybe next time I won’t soak them.

Here are some great hints on making beans the lazy way…. and I followed the advice using a whole onion , 2 garlic cloves and and orange…it certainly made the beans more flavoursome!

Here is a great recipe on how to make your own refried beans…yum! Will try this one too…

Here are the beans almost cooked…they have been simmering for 2 hours…


I cooked them a bit longer as the post above suggests and they taste delicious! So creamy and full of flavour!


There are so many possibilities for how to use these now….I’m cooking these up into a chipotle soup in my next post! Stay tuned

Some chili goodness!

I love chilli…there I said it. I never used to but after a trip to Mexico for a conference in 2007 I was hooked! I’ve been experimenting ever since.

This bbq chili salsa is one of my faves (thanks Janella!) and so easy!


BBQ up 2 tomatoes and 6 chillis… And then blend with roasted cumin & 2 garlic cloves & some paprika

Then I chopped up some lettuce, avocado, coriander, BBQ corn and some grilled chicken for a heavenly meal…..

A long overdue post! Wow, it’s been a year! Well check out this feast…

Wow, it’s been a year since I posted. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been cooking, but it has been the busiest year of my life so I have been cooking less than usual. My new years resolution if I can get in early, is to spend more time cooking. I love to experiement and try new recipes, and I’m scanning in all my faves right now from Delicious magazine and storing them via Evernote.

So it is a beautiful spring Saturday afternoon and the fruits and vegs in season are many! I’m happy that I now spend more at the fruit shop than the supermarket. I’ve been making a conscious effort over the last year to eat less processed food and more fresh food. I’m loving it and I’m finding it really isn’t much more work, it just takes a little more creativity. I’m getting there.

Today on the menu we have Baba Ganoush from this month’s Delicious magazine. First I need to grill the eggplant on the BBQ to crisp it up. This pic doesn’t show the goodness of it!


Not sure if these pics do it justice either….also my awesome beet relish – delish! 🙂


Breakfast for queens :)

Loved being home this weekend to delve into my October Delicious magazine. Breakfast is always one if my favorites so I was excited to see the great recipe for veg rosti with peas & poached eggs. I’m always looking for ways to substitute bread, and fritters are a great way to do this.

So grate some potato & carrot. Drain juices & form into large patties. They don’t really hold together but they will once you bake them for 30 mins in a 220deg oven.

Mix spinach leaves or watercress with dressing of lemon juice (1/2 lemon) & Dijon mustard (1/2 teaspoon) and some boiled frozen peas – I use the poached egg water. I agree peas for breakky are strange but it works.

Poach the eggs and pile all on the plate. Top with pepper.

Trust me, the flavours are superb!! The mustard makes it. Try it this weekend.